Monday, March 01, 2021

PeopleSoft Open Source Projects

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Did you know there is a vibrant PeopleSoft Open Source community? PeopleSoft is the most flexible ERP solution available. If we need additional functionality, we can build it. And that is exactly what several talented developers have done, and they've shared their solutions with us. Check out some of these amazing open-source projects and repositories:

Please note, I have only tested a few of these projects, and make no claims about their state or function. My objective with this post is awareness.

Do you have a solution others could benefit from? Have you thought about sharing it as an Open Source project?

Do you have a project you would like added to the list? let us know in the comments!


Unknown said...

Thanks for sharing these Jim.
Over the years, I worked on a few projects of my own as well.
Notable ones being,
1. Universal Handler for CI - As opposed to exposing every single CI as a Web Service. A single handler will work for any delivered method of CI. This is natively written in PeopleCode without the use of Java.
Link -
2. Dynamic JSON parsing (Objects and Arrays) by making use of JSONPath in PeopleCode
Link -

3. An example on how to create a RESTful API in PeopleSoft as PeopleTools provided APIs are not RESTful
Link -

There are quite a few more but still putting them together

Overall library -

Sasank Vemana said...

Hey Jim - Thanks for raising awareness to this growing aspect of the PeopleSoft community.

I have some projects on GitHub: