Thursday, October 20, 2011

Slideshow News Publications

This post follows my Accordion Navigation Collections post and contains the XSL I used at OpenWorld to convert an Applications (formerly Enterprise) Portal news publication into a slideshow. The XSL assumes you have images associated with your news content. Even though the XSL and JavaScript will operate fine with images of different sizes, I recommend that each of the images used with this XSL be of the same size. Here is the XSL: slideshow-hosted.xsl

All of the usual disclaimers apply. Don't trust anyone else's code -- Understand what it is doing before you use it. You take full responsibility for the code once you download it. Don't delegate your responsibility, especially to someone that offers you code for free.

Disclaimer: I make no warranty regarding the use of this XSL.

Security Warning: To make sure the XSL will work "out of the box," I pointed the JavaScript at Google's hosted JavaScript API's and the jQuery Cycle download site. Since this code is used on your enterprise home pages, I suggest you replace these references with references to your own site's versions of these libraries. The thought of allowing some external service to run code on my pages makes me a bit nervous.