Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Collaborate 2016

I just wanted to post a quick note with my schedule for Collaborate 2016. I will be presenting PeopleSoft Developer Tips and Techniques on April 13th at 9:15 AM in Reef C. My publisher assured me that I will have a box of books waiting for me at the conference and we plan to give them away at various sessions during the conference. Here are a couple of other sessions I recommend attending at Collaborate:

There is one session I want to specifically highlight: A Designers Intro to the Oracle JET Framework. PeopleTools 8.55 includes Oracle JET, Oracle's brand new open source JavaScript Extension. You may never directly interact with Oracle JET, but it is always good to understand the tools and frameworks used by PeopleTools. Oracle JET is based on common JavaScript libraries such as RequireJS and Knockout and PeopleTools includes these related open source libraries (note: I have written about using RequireJS with PeopleSoft in prior posts).


Unknown said...

Hi Jim, I attended your presentation last year, and really enjoyed it. Will this year contain new content?


Jim Marion said...

@Daniel, yes, different content from last year's Collaborate. Same name, but I create different content for each year.

AI World said...

Hi Jim,

I have been reading about PeopleSoft Mobile Capability enablement on upgrading 8.54. Peoplesoft delivers many mobile tiles and included Element browser with HR image 17 release.

However, Many customer are still vary of accepting the fact that to access Peoplesoft Mobile, the application needs to go on Internet. So, my questions to you that, Is there a way we can make PeopleSoft Mobile Application available securely (For e.g VPN etc.) with the help of any secure services (like Goods etc.), Is there any working example that you would suggest.

Appreciate your view on this.

Jim Marion said...

@Hemant, An organization with internal WIFI that wants to use mobile capabilities on site does not require any special changes. It is just if the customer wants to use mobile capabilities outside of their secured network. VPN is one option, but as you probably know, it is a real pain on mobile devices. Grey Heller's ERP Firewall is another common solution.

Pinky&theBrain said...

Hi Jim,

I have a question regarding setting a time field to nil using peoplecode, can you suggest any methods by which to accomplish this?

Jim Marion said...

Null is a valid value for date/time fields. Make sure the record field properties are set correctly. It is possible to mark date/time fields as not nullable.

Unknown said...

Hi Jim,

Good day, We were able to attend your presentation last year in Las Vegas and indeed found it very informative and fun at the same time. We also have at least couple of your books that we are using in our Project.

Need your expertise on one of our Finance requirements, one bank requirement is to have our Payment files (XML format) to be digitally signed before they actually receive and process them.

Would you know if there are any existing function or app package or any set of codes that will enable us to add Digital Signature to an XML File? If none, maybe you know someone who have similar requirements we can contact. I can provide more information as needed.

By the way, We are on PTools 8.54, PS FIN 9.1.

Hoping for your response. Thank you very much.

Jim Marion said...

@Ryan, I have never set this up, but I know there are a number of ways to accomplish it. According to PeopleBooks, node WS-Security settings allow you to specify encryption and digital signatures. Depending on how the XML is generated, you may also be able to use an AppEngine transform to add the signature nodes, etc. If you are unable to find a suitable solution within PeopleSoft, you can always use an internal web server with a service that specifically exists to digitally sign XML messages. The service would act like a proxy, forwarding to the intended recipient. Of course, you would want to secure this service.

Unknown said...

Thanks for your input.

Are you referring to Pluggable encryption (PET)?

Yes we're also considering other non-peoplesoft service but we would like to explore what might be available.

Jim Marion said...

Initially I was referring to node settings rather than PET. But if I were to go the AppEngine route, then I would start with PET, but if that didn't help me generate the appropriate values for the special WS-security nodes for signing a response, then I would use Java from PeopleCode.