Thursday, March 03, 2016

Alliance 2016

HEUG Alliance is next week. I hope you are registered. I know this will be a fun and informative conference (as always). I am scheduled for two sessions at Alliance:

  • PeopleSoft Developer: Tips and Techniques on Monday at 3:30 PM in room 6B/C and
  • PeopleSoft Meet the Experts on Tuesday at 10:15 AM in room 307/308 table 2.

When I'm not in sessions, you will find me in the demo grounds. Stop by and say "Hello!"


Patti said...

Hi Jim,

No one on our team was able to attend Alliance this year due to budget restraints, otherwise I would have loved to have met you. That being said, I was hoping you could provide a little assistance with how to accomplish something that is probably really simple. Is there a way to display the Approval Monitor in AWE on a pagelet so that users can just view where a transaction is in the approval process? BTW..your chapter on AWE in your tips and techniques book is outstanding. Thanks for any help!

Jim Marion said...

@Patti, great question and something I have not considered before. I suspect you could do this in a component pagelet by using the same PeopleCode and page setup as chapter 3, but with just the status monitor, not all of the other stuff. I assume you have a specific transaction in mind? As you know, the status monitor is transaction specific, so not only would it be specific to a business process (expenses, employee transfer, etc) but also to a specific instance of that business process. Do you have a way to select the relevant transaction in a pagelet?

Patti said...

Right now, I'm just pondering ideas...I haven't tried anything yet. I considered a grid with maybe the transaction info that you could select and have the monitor display the approvals related to that. I am not sure it would work, but hey, no harm in attempting it!