Wednesday, September 14, 2022

Simple Code-only REST Request

PeopleSoft is a metadata-driven application. It stands to reason, therefore, that the solutions we create require metadata. Sometimes metadata, which is supposed to be configurable, forces us down an immutable (non-configurable) path. Integration Broker is a fantastic example of semi-mutable, bordering on immutable metadata. As we prototype, we often make changes. But the testing associated with prototyping locks various metadata pieces. Sometimes we just want to test without metadata and backfill after we choose the proper path.

Here is a very simple metadata-free REST request example I run from a local App Engine program for prototyping and testing purposes.

Now, an important question:

Once you have a working "simple" solution, do you backfill and update with proper Integration Broker metadata?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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Mike said...


I use your code and I'm able to get a response from the URL that you have in your sample code. If I change the URL to one using https (e.g. then I don't get any data back from the code. If I used that same url but with http, I get the data back. Why would act different with http vs https?

Is it okay to use this code or should I be setting up a service operation to retrieve data from an external REST service?


Jim Marion said...

@Mike, I suspect the issue is with certificates. SSL connections usually require us to import the target SSL into the Integration Broker's keystore (which is on the web server). I recommend this video to help you troubleshoot the certificate error: