Tuesday, April 07, 2020

Announcing: Integration Tools Update Course

PeopleSoft Integration Tools is normally taught as a five-day introductory course designed to answer questions such as:

  • What is Integration Broker?
  • How do you configure it?
  • What are Service Operations?
  • How should I integrate with PeopleSoft?

But a lot of us already know the basics of Integration Broker. So last fall, we decided to add another course to our library: PeopleTools Integration Tools Update. This is a three-day class showing what's new with Integration Broker and covers topics such as:

  • Producing and Consuming REST,
  • Constructing Documents and understanding the role of Documents in integration,
  • Creating structured and unstructured JSON responses,
  • Understanding and implementing content negotiation,
  • Responding to REST verbs,
  • Using pre-built services such as Query Access Service,
  • Securing integration points.

As we integrate Chatbots and Cloud solutions with PeopleSoft, it is critical that we understand PeopleSoft's modern integration capabilities.

Our next class begins April 14, 2020. Register now to reserve your seat!


nani said...

Hi Jim,

At the outset, I would like to thank for all the contributions that you have made to PeopleSoft Community. I am sure this course on Integration tools would continue to enhance that.

I would like to take this opportunity to ask for your inputs on one of the Integration Challenges i am facing.

I am building an android application that will communicate with PeopleSoft and perform certain functionalities and the integration mode is REST Based API managed via integration broker. Currently it is working fine. My challenge is, we are capturing Employee signature in the app once the employee clicks on submit button. This signature is captured as PNG/JPG file and has to be sent back to PeopleSoft as a multipart data sequence.

I am not sure if integration broker supports attachments as part of the message structure. Your Suggestions on how the file can be sent from android application to PeopleSoft integration broker and consumed in PeopleSoft will be helpful.

One of the thought process we have is to upload the image to a file server and reference the path in the request body as a key value on the consumption site, we would access this part from the key value in the message and bring it up in the PeopleSoft pages to display the signature using attachment functions. This is a work around solutions but your inputs on how we can directly process this attachment will be helpful.

With Regards

Jim Marion said...

Hi Raja,

I believe the only supported binary approach for PeopleSoft is MTOM. Alternatives I have used are to convert to base64 on the client before embedding in a text-based request to PeopleSoft. Then you can decode on the PeopleSoft side to convert to a real image and store in the database (File.WriteBase64ToBinary). Another alternative is similar to what you mentioned: move the file to a different service, and then "suck" it into PeopleSoft using the File Attachment API.