Tuesday, December 17, 2013

An Interview with Jeff Robbins

At OpenWorld 2013, I had the opportunity to catch up with Jeff Robbins and ask him some questions about PeopleSoft's User Experience. You can watch the video here:

Watch more videos from Oracle's User Experience team on the oracleuseableapps YouTube channel.


Kevin Weaver said...

Great interview, we got a glimpse of the 8.54 tools and the new user interface recently when Jim Ellis from Oracle gave us an overview of all the new tools features that Oracle is releasing.

These are exciting times for the PeopleSoft User community! Workcenter, Activity Guides, Dashboards and Related Content have all enhanced the user experience.

Thanks for sharing!

Jim Marion said...

@Kevin, thank you. I am quite excited about the New UI that Jeff mentioned. I think 8.54 will bring quite a bit of power and flexibility to an enterprise system that is already the most flexible software system in the world.