Friday, May 31, 2013

jQuery in PeopleTools 8.53

A lot of customers are now working with PeopleTools 8.53. If you open Application Designer and search for HTML definitions named PT_JQUERY, you will see there are 2 (sometimes more) new jQuery JavaScript definitions included with PeopleTools 8.53:

  • jQuery 1.6.2
  • jQuery UI 1.8.17
  • Mobile jQuery (modules with mobile apps)

You no longer need to download, upload, or otherwise install jQuery to use it with PeopleSoft applications. One interesting thing I noted in the PeopleTools jQuery file is that the end of the jQuery file uses jQuery.noConflict() to replace $ with ptjq162. Unfortunately, it doesn't take advantage of the include protection I described in my post jQuery Plugin Include Protection, so be careful using it in pagelets directly.


Dan said...


Do you have any insight into why they are using such old versions?

Jim Marion said...

@Daniel, good question. I suspect it has something to do with the spec/build cycle. Tools decided to build something and picked the latest at build time, but by release time, that chosen release was dated.

Unknown said...

Where can i find peoplesoft events and things like that?

Jim Marion said...

@Eva, most events are related to user groups. For example, HEUG has their Alliance conference every March; Quest, OAUG, and IOUG have their Collaborate event in April; and HIUG has their Interact conference every June. There are also local user groups that hold periodic meetings (mine is semi-annual). The big OpenWorld customer event happens each year in the fall. A recent addition to the conference schedule is Reconnect.

imran's thoughts said...

Hi Jim,

It may sound out of subject. I have this requirement of implementing auto complete (suggestion like we have in eCommerce sites when user type something to search) for free text search field. So when a user try to search something and type first few letters in the search box, the system should give suggestions with matching information from the Database.

I did some research and found that we need to do it thru HTML pages, AJAX and Jquery..
Could you plz help me on this? Let me know if any other information i need to provide about the requirement.

Thanks in Advance.

Dan said...

Let me google that for you.

imran's thoughts said...

Forgot to mention , I need this to implement on a PeopleSoft page. The field is free text search field. No prompts.

imran's thoughts said...

I am looking this to implement on a PeopleSoft page. Any thoughts?