Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Pre-order My PeopleTools Tips Book

My PeopleSoft PeopleTools Tips and Techniques book is now available for Pre-order through popular book resellers:

Expected availability is July 22, 2010. This book took a lot of effort and I especially want to thank my wife who performed the first edit and rewrite (the biggest chunk). Without her, there wouldn't be an intelligible sentence or complete thought in the book. Secondly, I would like to thank my technical editors Tim Burns and Graham Smith, two very well known faces in the PeopleSoft community. These guys tested every example prior to publication.


Surinder Dhillon said...

Jim, I would love to pre-order your book and I am sure it will have a lot of information that we could put into practice. However, I would like to see some information about it, in terms of what topics are covered etc, is it possible to post the contents section of the book or something like that? Thx

Jeromy McMahon said...

Hey Jim! It is great to see you are publishing a book! Looks like I will see you again at the Alliance this year as well! Good luck with the book!

Jim Marion said...

@Surinder, the resellers (Amazon, etc) list some information about the book. I'm sure there will be more information available when the book releases. Likewise, I'll post more in the weeks to come.

@Jeromy, yes, I'll be at Alliance. I'll post my Alliance schedule shortly.

Jim Marion said...

@Jeromy, by the way, good to hear from you! See you at Alliance! I'm looking forward to San Antonio this year.

Ciphersbak said...

Hi Jim,

Can't wait to get my hands on it..
Its available on Pustak as well


These guys will ship it as soon as its released.

Thank You!
This will help us a lot...


Banksy said...


Will there be an electronic version available (perhaps with an earlier release date?)

Jim Marion said...

@Pradash, The publisher decides whether or not we have an electronic version. I think there will be a Kindle version, but it will come after the print version.

Unknown said...

Thanks for all of you info and look forward to getting your book. Is there a way to display a input box (only need 1 value) from the saveedit event using javascript , capture the data and pass back to a peoplecode variable ? Have not used any javascript in Peoplesoft as yet.


Jim Marion said...


The PeopleCode events are not directly available to JavaScript. It may be possible to hook up a JavaScript event listener to the form submission event and then test form values to determine the event. You could then use the basic JavaScript prompt function to ask for input.

I know this isn't step by step, but hopefully it gives you some direction.

Anonymous said...

Pre-ordered! (from Barnes and Noble)

Thanks Jim.

-Mike Putnam

Jim Marion said...

@Mike, thank you for your support!

MDBowden said...

Hi Jim, Any chance of getting an early copy of this book - like really really early? I'm currently in a project where we are looking at how self service transaction approvals (AWE) can be implemented via Blackberry. My experience of developing is limited to PeopleTools, and whilst I am quite keen on learning the skills necessary to develope an external web app for the blackberry, time is against me. So, if an early copy of the book is possible, just name your price. ;-)

Jim Marion said...

@MDBowden, I would love to take you up on your offer. Unfortunately, it is out of my control. McGraw Hill owns the copyright on the material. I am afraid you will have to wait a couple of months for the book.

Manoj said...

Hey Jim, I bought your book way back in 2010 from Amazon. I have the hard copy with me, but forgot how I got the soft copy of your PeopleSoft Projects/Code.

Was it delivered with the book (CD?) or did we have to download it from somewhere, cant remember.

Could you help?


Jim Marion said...

@Manoj, it is available for download. This blog post gives download details.