Tuesday, October 25, 2022

Announcing Configuration Day 2022!

Announcing PeopleSoft Configuration Day! Join me online Thursday, November 17th for a full day PeopleSoft education experience filled with tips and best practices. Space is limited so register now!

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Here are some of the topics we will cover and questions we will answer:

Configuration versus Customization

  • Are Page and Field Configurator changes really configurations?
  • What about Event Mapping or Drop Zones?
  • Why does Oracle call these features "isolating customizations?"

PeopleSoft Test Framework

Isolated customizations do not appear on compare reports. But without compare reports, how do you know what to test and what to retrofit? Learn how to use PTF to regression test configurations and isolated customizations. Experience the new PTF Chrome-based recorder when you join us Thursday, November 17th.


Learn about the data privacy framework and how it differs from Page and Field Configurator's Data Masking. Learn how functional business analysts may use roles to secure, hide, and mask fields.

Extending Oracle-delivered page Content

Learn how to use Related Content and Drop Zones to add more content to Oracle-delivered pages. Find out where these features are similar and where they differ. Learn when to use which tool.

HCM Application-Specific Configurations

What do My Team, Job Data, and Benefits have in common? HCM-specific configuration options. Should you use these options or the more generic PeopleTools configuration alternatives? Join us on Thursday, November 17th to find out!

Activity Guides

Should you use PeopleTools Activity Guides directly or Activity Guide Composer? Find out on Thursday, November 17th!

Register now to find the answers to these and many more questions on Thursday, November 17th.

The cost for this event is $447 per person. If you have a group of 10 or more, contact us at info@jsmpros.com for a quantity discount.

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