Saturday, September 18, 2010

PeopleTools Tips at OpenWorld

I have checked in at my local airport and am en route to OpenWorld, the largest tech conference of the year. I'm pretty well finished preparing my demos for this year's session, and am using this time to finish my slides. I am very pleased with my demos this year as I think they demonstrate some very powerful ways to enhance PeopleSoft applications. Two of my primary topics for this year are Mashups and Mobile. I see Mashups as an alternative to Integration. Of course, you still need integrations, but whenever possible, I look for a Mashup alternative because Mashups general don't require modifications. In this session I will present some Mashup ideas and ways to ensure security.

Mobile... I find mobile to be one of the most fascinating ideas. I work remote (no office), and, therefore, am 100% mobile (at least in theory). PeopleTools has been relatively silent in regards to mobile. PeopleSoft Applications have built some very exciting mobile apps (see Theresa's blog post and video), but PeopleTools is silent. After reviewing a handful of mobile development strategies, I am actually quite pleased with the mobile development solutions available to PeopleSoft customers. I'm finding that even though PeopleTools is silent in regards to mobile, the PeopleTools architecture lends itself very well to mobile development. In my PeopleTools Tips session on Monday I will demonstrate two separate mobile applications. The first is a mobile employee directory built using ADF and the web service data control. The second application uses plain old JavaScript and HTML to display a mobile worklist. This second application excites me the most because it shows that mobile development can be simple - No SOAP, no WSDL, no frameworks, no data bindings... just plain JavaScript, CSS, HTML, and PeopleCode.

Besides mobile and mashups, I also included:

  • Monkeypatching - what is it and how can I/why would I use it?
  • Debugging integrations - tools that facilitate debugging.
  • Pagelet Wizard - what is it, how can I use it, how can I extend it?

See you Monday at 5:00 PM in the Marriott, Golden Gate A (session id S317016). You won't be disappointed!