Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Learn Development Tips and Techniques at OpenWorld 2009

Next Wednesday, October 14th, I will be sharing PeopleTools Tips and Tricks from 11:45 to 12:45 in Moscone West room 2002/2004 (level 2). In this session I will share with you some very practical development tips (TDD, design patterns, best practices, etc) as well as demonstrate exotic user interface customizations using AJAX and Flex. Time permitting, I will share with you some real-time integration solutions for legacy (non web service) applications and I won't use DB links or SQR.

What type of AJAX demonstrations do I have this year?

  • Using Thickbox/lightbox with PeopleSoft
  • Creating a custom toolbar
  • Change the search page default search operator

Best of all, these AJAX examples are configurable, except for 10 lines of JavaScript added to one PeopleSoft delivered definition. Yes, that is right! By adding 10 lines of JavaScript to a single delivered definition, I can add code to any PeopleSoft page without modifying the page in AppDesigner. Furthermore, using Meta-data, I can configure page specific customizations or global customizations.

If you have room in your OpenWorld schedule, I highly recommend this Tips and Tricks session.

On Thursday at 10:30, come by the Create a Rich Internet UI for Oracle Applications with Oracle Application Development Framework hands on session at the Marriott Golden Gate A3 to see a demonstration of how to build mobile applications for PeopleSoft using Oracle ADF.

Here is a list of other sessions I recommend: