Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Multilevel Drop Zones

I recently saw a discussion thread about a PeopleSoft customer having issues with Drop Zone content. If the customer put a grid in the Drop Zone, then the page would throw errors at runtime. Removing the grid resolved the issue. but what if you want a grid in your Drop Zone? Can you put hierarchical data in Drop Zones? The answer is YES! But when you add a grid (or scroll area) to a page, you change the component's buffer structure. From the page's perspective, every field below a grid (or scroll area) will have the same scroll level as the grid. You can see this behavior from the Order tab in App Designer.

In the screenshot below, the two fields circled are below the grid. At design view, we would consider these fields to be at Level 0. But when I save, PeopleSoft presents me with the error: More than one data record in scroll -- make fields from non-primary record related display. This is because PeopleSoft thinks the fields below the grid are at the same level as the grid.

The solution is trivial:

  1. Insert a Horizontal Rule control below the grid
  2. Use the Reset to Level attribute of the Horizontal Rule to reset the scroll level back to level 0

Our recommendation, therefore, is if you add grids or scroll areas to Drop Zones, be sure to end your Drop Zone content with a "Reset" Horizontal Rule.

Check out this YouTube video to learn more!

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