Monday, May 05, 2008

Collaborate '08 Presentation Available

Quest's Collaborate '08 presentations are now available for download. You can download the presentation I gave from the Quest website: PeopleTools Advanced Tips and Techniques. Our PDF printer software prints landscape, so you will want to rotate the presentation clockwise for optimal viewing.


Luis Marion said...

I am a PeopleSoft Developer, independent consultant, capable of doing minor enhancements through PeopleCode and PeopleTools. I find your blog to be the first true technical-oriented one. Thank you so much!

I would like to further my knowledge on PeopleSoft, although I find the 1-week Oracle courses insufficient and pricey. I am not sure if self-study CDs are any good since their demo only show first chapters, which are pretty much irrelevant.

Are there any good books for PeopleSoft Developers (other than Manning's)? Also, is there a PeopleSoft’s Developer version of the product one could install on an stand-alone server/client for practicing? Does Oracle have some sort of technical users group or channel aimed at developers?

Thank you!

Jim Marion said...

Luis, it is always a pleasure to meet another Marion!

At this time, there are no good developer oriented books on the open market. I've considered writing a few, but can't seem to find the time. The only PeoplSoft related book I can recommend is, PeopleSoft for the Oracle DBA. As the title suggests, however, it is a DBA book, not a PeopleTools developer book. The best I can do is point you at several blogs with good resources. Start with the List of Oracle related blogs. From there, look at Grey Sparling Solutions, Nicholas Gasparatto, PeopleSoft Tipster, and the PeopleTools Team. Oracle has also recently created the Fusion Middleware for PeopleSoft Best Practices Center. From there, you can find a few tutorials and blog entries. Likewise, look at my list of presentations. Download the latest Tips and Techniques session and look at the list of resources. I tried to include several community resources for developers to learn more about PeopleTools. I hope this helps in your quest for PeopleTools knowledge.

As far as a PeopleTools sandbox, we have discussed this, but haven't released anything. You can get a PeopleTools only license. Likewise, you can download the PeopleSoft installation files from E-Delivery, but I think you will need a license to run them.

Jim Marion said...

Luis, I'm glad you enjoy my blog. Thank you for the compliments.

Anonymous said...

Hi Marion,

Just assume me as an enthusiastic PSPFT developer made an entry into Peoplesoft.

I have very less knowledge in Peoplsoft and Peopletools...But I know the in and out of Overall Peoplesoft..

Do you have any kind of training stuffs or sites so that I can get equipped?

early thanks for your response

Jim Marion said...

@girish, The best thing you can do is take the PeopleTools I, II, and PeopleCode classes. For self training, I recommend reading the blogs in my blog roll and reading some of the available books.