Monday, June 29, 2015

ReConnect 2015

It is just a little less than a month until the PeopleSoft ReConnect conference in Rosemont, Illinois. I will be presenting PeopleTools Developer: Tips and Techniques on Thursday from 11:30 AM to 12:20 PM in Grand Ballroom H.


Programmer Etc. said...

Looking forward to your presentation on Thursday.

NovaChargedApps said...


Congrats and thanks to you and the Mrs. for being able to muster up the effort to write a new book. I'm personally sure I'll benefit and look forward to reading and digging in. (I've got both the paper and Kindle copies of your current Tips and Tricks book. Have found it very useful.).

On another note, we're looking for someone to teach an Application Package class to a small group (Intro/Advanced). I am not able to find such a class taught by Oracle or anyone else. Would you be interested or be able to make a recommendation? - Thx!

Unknown said...

psc_float-right worked for the group box. But based on other group box controls, the one which i created is moving here and there based on the values I select from other group box controls. Is there a way to keep the group box controls fixed in its position.