Monday, July 19, 2010

Comment Moderation is now On

Sigh... I really didn't want to enable comment moderation. When I post to a blog with comment moderation, I always wonder if my comment will appear. I also like to see my comments appear immediately. What if the moderator is on vacation? Unfortunately, I find myself in a position where I HAVE to enable comment moderation. Some organization has been posting pornographic links as comments on my blog and has been doing this for about six months. I have been diligent in deleting those comments, but then it occurred to me that each subscriber to a post was receiving these links as unsolicited e-mail. I WILL NOT ALLOW ANYONE TO MOLEST MY READERS IN THIS MANNER! I find it utterly distasteful and disgraceful. If someone wants to view pornography, that is their business, but I will not allow my blog to be used to tempt/lure people into pornography. The temptation is too much for some to handle. Just as alcoholism, gambling addiction, or many other social ills start as harmless entertainment, pornography can get way out of hand.

If you have been trapped by one of the e-mail comments sent from my blog and need help, I want to provide you with some resources. I think it is the least I can do. I have no experience in this issue, so I'm just listing what I googled on the topic: Abuse and Addiction: Pornography and Cybersex and

Yes, you can still post comments on my blog. I really, really enjoy reading and responding to comments. I learn a lot from my readers. The unfortunate side affect of this parasite is that you will have to wait for me to read and approve your comments before they appear on this site. I really apologize for this. I wish there was something else I could do.

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DuncanDavies said...

I don't think this move will deter those that wish to post on-topic responses.

Most blogging platforms whitelist people after a post has been approved, so subsequent comments appear without delay.