Monday, April 13, 2009

"Introducing PSUnit" now in Wiki

I just moved the "Introducing PSUnit" document to Oracle's Wiki: Introducing PSUnit. Please feel free to update, discuss, and contribute using the tools provided by Oracle's Wiki.


Tim Palmer said...

This link seems to be broken. Do you know whether the page still exists anywhere?


Cory Uhrich said...

Jim - The link to the PSUnit Wiki is dead, did this go away?

Jim Marion said...

@Tim, @Cory, Thank you for the information. I just learned we have a new wiki. I will have to migrate the content.

Narsimha said...

Hi Jim,

I was looking to implement PSUNIT for my organization and I was searching high and dry for the wiki document on how to use it.
The link on the Oracle blog seems to be dead and I cant seem to find the document anywhere else.

I got the project code from the below link but I am still searching for the

Can you please help me with the Word doc on the implementation?

Jim Marion said...

@Narsimha, Thank you for the information. I did not know that Oracle shut down the wiki. We republished the wiki as a PDF link off the PeopleTools blog post.

Narsimha said...

Thanks a lot Jim for re-posting the PDF. This helps.