Friday, October 03, 2008

OOW 2008 Presentation Available

My PeopleTools Advanced Tips and Techniques session slides are available from Oracle's OOW content catalog. To download OpenWorld presentations, you will need to log into the content catalog using your OpenWorld Registration ID. After you log in, you can download these slides by following the instructions given here.

If you didn't register for OpenWorld, but still want to see the slides, you can purchase Oracle OpenWorld OnDemand from the log in page.


Dan said...

I'm sorry I missed your presentation. One ofyour topics was test driven development. The PDF does not provide much detail on this. I have looked for support for unit testing in people code but have not found any. I have seen application packages that include TTS_UNITTEST but that package does not seem to be delivered. Can you provide any more details on how you implement unit testing?

Dan said...

While I am at it, let me vent on another issue. In your presentation, you recommend "Study PeopleTools App Classes." This is good advice. However, I find that most peoplecode is poorly documented. There are very few comments and few headers that describe how classes and methods are intended to be used. And of course there is nothing equivalent to Java docs. Why does PeopleSoft code continue to be so poorly documented?

Jim Marion said...


I feel your pain. Even though I work for Oracle, I am a customer also. I am an internal customer of the PeopleTools technology and applications.

Unit testing... you are right. I was vague. I have a whole one hour presentation about unit testing. I just didn't have time so I just had to give unit testing an honorable mention. Even though PeopleTools doesn't deliver a unit testing framework, you can still write automated tests. I use IScripts to write test cases.

About TTS_UNIT... keep your eyes on the PeopleTools Blog. I'm hoping to see some announcements there about a unit testing framework. No promises though.

Documentation... Have you noticed that some of the really well written app classes, like the ones used by AWE, Integration Broker, and Enterprise Portal use some interesting comment styles and tags similar to JavaDoc? You would almost think the PeopleTools developers had some sort of documentation tool for creating docs from PeopleCode... Again, stay tuned...

As far as poorly documented code... all I can say is that our coders are no different than anyone else's coders. People are people. Some do a great job and others don't. Again, I feel your pain. I spend hours pouring over code to figure out what it is doing. And, of course, I've seen lots of code that I would write differently. You saw my examples on 3 different ways to truncate an array, right? Where do you think I got those examples?